Yuval Beck - Tap Dancing
Yuval Beck is considered one of the leading, most experienced tap dancing instructors in Israel. Yuval and his two brothers, Eran and Amir, known as the Beck Brothers, have toured extensively throughout Israel.
Yuval's style is a combination of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly's classic style and modern tap jazz, which has become extremely popular in recent years.
   Yuval has trained extensively in New York with leading instructors, including Alan Onickel, Germain Salsburg, Phil Black, Savion Glover, and many others.

Besides conventional tap dancing classes, Yuval Beck has conducted tap dancing workshops in South Africa and Canada, which proved to be extremely successful.
Classes are taught in an energetic and humorous atmosphere, and various techniques are introduced.
 Liesl Beck - Jazz Dancing
Liesl Beck was born in South Africa, and after only a few years in Israel, has become a leading Israeli jazz dance instructor.
Liesl specialized in jazz and modern dance In South Africa. She managed a studio in East London, South Africa, and was a dancer with the Guild Theatre Dance Company.
Liesl has trained with leading choreographers both in South Africa and the USA, and has conducted workshops in South Africa, Canada and Israel.
   Liesl's jazz dancing classes are taught in an exciting style, and create a unique blend of jazz, ballet and modern dance, incorporating elaborate dancing techniques. Her students enjoy versatile jazz styles, which include African, Lyrical, Modern and Theatre dance.

Liesl specialized in Highland dancing (Irish and Scottish dancing), and became the national Highland dancing champion in her native land.